Why you should still go to the movies

Seven reasons the theater is worth the ticket

Why you should still go to the movies
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12/03/18 | StarsInsider

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With free online streaming services in abundance and movie prices at ridiculous prices, forgoing the theater is now a standard trend. However, there is just nothing like seeing a new favorite on the big screen. Grab a date and some popcorn, because here are ten reasons the theater is worth the ticket.

1. The big screen

Watching a larger-than-life film on a laptop should be illegal. Visual storytelling is at it's best when on a massive screen.  It's how the film creators planned it, and how you will best enjoy it.

2. The atmosphere

Sometimes it's the people in the theater that help define a film. When everyone around you laughs, it triggers you to laugh with them. The same goes for suspense and sadness.

3. Focus

When at the movie theaters, you are completely immersed in the film. You can't be distracted by your phone ringing, your dog wanting to go for a walk, or the urge to make food every 30 minutes.

4. The sound system

Similar to the big screen, films were made for a theater's sound system. The movie theater speakers add so much effect to your viewing experience.

5. Previews

Finding out about upcoming films is one of the best parts of the theater experience. Be a movie critic for a few minutes and see what you'll be coming back for.

6. Getting out of the house

Watching a new film the same way you watch sports, the news, or a sitcom will make it forgettable. Going to the theater is an activity, and one worth remembering.

7. The snacks

Movie theater popcorn is the ultimate treat. In a world of diets and restrictions, the cinema is the one place where junk food is holy—and slathered in butter.

Next time you see a film of interest, break out of your routine and take a trip to the theaters!


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