Wicked animal sidekicks we love to hate

What is a villain without their pet?

Wicked animal sidekicks we love to hate
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14/05/18 | StarsInsider

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Growing up, the ongoing battles between our favorite cartoon heroes and villains never got old. From wicked Disney characters to superhero companions, these villains would be nothing without their team. Originally reported by Dictionary.com, check out this list of wicked animal sidekicks we love to hate:

1. Blofeld's cat
Also known as, "that Bond villain's fluffy white cat," Blofeld's cat became one of the most iconic animals on the dark side. A signature look for evil in the James Bond movies, pairing the bad guy with a white feline influenced wicked pets in the media forever.

2. Nagini
For 'Harry Potter' fans, Voldemort's evil pet snake needs no introduction. The Dark Lord can communicate with Nagini through Parseltongue (snake language), and she helps him on a number of evil acts against Harry and others.

3. Flotsam and Jetsam
In 'The Little Mermaid,' Ursula the Sea Witch was often seen with her trusty evil companions Flotsam and Jetsam. While fans of the Disney classic know the duo's wicked deeds, many don't realize their names actually have hidden meaning. Flotsam is "the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water," and Jetsam is "goods cast overboard deliberately, as to lighten a vessel or improve its stability in an emergency." So the evil cartoon sidekicks are literally garbage and trash.

4. Catwoman's cats
Taking back the old-fashioned single cat lady trope, Catwoman redefined what it was like to have cats as partners in crime.


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